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So you want a wedding video do ya?

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You've seen them on YouTube, the emotions are raw, the feelings are uncensored. The bond between the two lovebirds is unmistakable. The whole day was utter perfection. Well, I'm here to tell you that it likely had a few hiccups. Granny got lost, delaying the ceremony two hours, the ring bearer found the stash of cherry pop-cicles and uncle Clairmore had more than a few too many whiskeys. It happens, and it, in the end, is really just small potatoes. You see, things like that happened at the weddings you were admiring on YouTube as well. That's what hiring a professional will give you, emotion, feelings, the magic. But, it takes a little to get a lot. Here are some things you can expect if you are hiring Back Forty to do your video. 

We encourage you to write your own vows

We encourage you to write your own vows

  • We need to be there to film. Clearly that is an obvious one. But think about that for a second, we need to have a camera pointed at you or your wedding party from the time you start getting ready until the evening is done (depending on the package). You never do know when a magical moment will pop up, it is best to be there, and ready. We like to be as invisible as we can, but, we are there. Tell the wedding party beforehand so they can warm up to the idea. We are looking for as natural an environment as we can. It is best if the Maid of honor KNOWS she will have a GoPro strapped to her head before I reach in to tie it on. KIDDING! We save those for the less important members of the party. :P  Once again, I jest. There will be no strapping of GoPros on the party or guests. Seriously though, we will be as unobtrusive as we can, but realize that we need to be around.
  • Act as natural as you can. Maybe just as obvious as the first and definitely worth mentioning. What I mean is, if you are afraid of the camera, it will show. If your bridesmaids runs away each time the camera is pointed in her direction, if the groomsmen give the camera the finger when it passes their way, it will show. Please warn the wedding party. We need them to just act as natural as they can and pretend that we are not there.


Uncle Clairmore has had enough

Uncle Clairmore has had enough

  • What you put in is what you get out. This is where the comfort ends for most. Lets see, have you decided to write your own vows? I would encourage it. Writing and reading your own vows will be one of the most rewarding highlights of your wedding. Trust me. For one, they will be unique. and B, they will truly express your love and make everyone blubber! (except uncle Clairmore who's passed out on the grass). BUT, the most important reason for me is, it makes great, GREAT! cinema. I would heavily encourage you to write your own vows!! They will make your ceremony stand out. Seriously, you are going this far, you don't want to have canned vows. "Do you Ted take Marie to be your lawful wedded wife?" "I do" Wow, feel the romance. ***any similarities to any person living or dead are purely coincidental*** I know, it makes your stomach churn just thinking about professing your love and deepest feelings in front of everyone... with a microphone... and a camera guy... and a photographer.. and the guy from the price is right all looking at you (Officiant).  Suck it up, it will make such a difference. However, the fun doesn't end there. I would also ask that you to take it one step further and write letters to each other that can be read by the recipient on camera. So little effort here, and so much bang for the video. Please strongly consider this. HOWEVER, if you are in love with the generic vows and would only like to say what Bob Barker tells you to say then who am I to judge? They can be beautiful as well. I will work with what I get, but like I said you only get out of it what you put in.
Back Forty Wedding Videography

Back Forty Wedding Videography

  • Patience young one, patience. Your video will show up, eventually. Each wedding can have up to 20 hours of footage to look at (multiple cameras), sort through, and trim down to only mere minutes. Then, we need to weave it into something magical. This can take months, especially if we are swamped. We want to give you the best product we can, please be patient.
  • Where did all the footage go? So we have taken 20 hours of video and (depending on your package) whittled it down to 4 or so wonderful minutes. Where is the rest of the video? Do I get that too? The answer is yes and no. I am sorry, I take lots of footage because I like to have lots to choose from when I make the final video. The footage of the kids burying uncle Clairmore in grass, while amusing, just isn't what we needed for this. You will need to make a decision as to how long you want your video to be, and that's what you will receive from us. Arrangements may be made to receive copies of the speeches in their entirety beforehand, but the that will be raw and unedited.
  • Where will my video be hosted? I want to show aunt Penelope in New Zealand our video, how can I do that? Your video will be hosted on our YouTube channel unless otherwise requested and your song of choosing allows it. From there you can send links and share to your hearts desire. You will also receive the video on a memory stick, from there you can copy it, ship it, upload it and even wear it around your neck.
  • You mean he just fell over? Working from morning to evening is tiring and one can develops quite an appetite. Videographers will need to be fed. While we do not expect our own table with fancy cheeses and wines, we just ask that the caterer be aware that we will need to be grabbing a plate after the guests have been served.
  • OMG, can we watch it again? Be prepared to blubber and feel the emotion again and again. Wedding videos have changed from boring clips of the wedding (Bueller? Bueller?) to a highlight of emotion and beauty put to incredibly emotional music (of your choosing). They are growing in popularity because of that. Please choose your Videographer wisely, not all are created equally.


Back Forty is located in Athabasca, Alberta

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