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Real Estate Photography

Moody bedroom lighting? Check!

Image composite from multiple layers.

We were founded with the belief that we were filling a need. With inspiration from BVH home staging we put our foot into the Real Estate market, not selling or buying, rather helping those who do, do so with greater success. Until we opened for business, professional photography/videography was not available in our area, not without reaching out to the major centers (in our case Edmonton) and having a photographer make the costly trip north. Not economical. We offer the same services that you can find in the cities, without the large travel expense. In fact we believe that we offer more than you can get in the city. Our video presentations are like no other, just as each property is unique, so too should the presentations be. The photography offered is more than just HDR (High Dynamic Range) it is painted by hand to highlight the true color, texture and atmosphere that the property boasts. We treat your clients with the same care a respect that you would expect from yourself. But Real Estate photography is only as good as the room will let it be, right? That is where BVH Home Staging comes in. Wheather their "Express Stage"(Quick, economical and spontaneous same day staging with the photographer) or their magnificent home staging done prior to photography, our goal is to make each home show its absolute best. Together we offer everything you need to sell faster and for more, try and find that in the big city. CURRENT PRICING