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Wedding Photography

Here’s looking at you, kid!

If chosen wisely, hiring a wedding Photographer and/or Videographer to capture your magical day is the ONLY investment you will make that will actually INCREASE in value after the guests have gone home. The meal and the alcohol will be flushed away, the suits and dresses will be returned. Memories will remain, for a while, but eventually begin to fade. Do not take your choice of photographer lightly, I urge you. If my photos are not your thing, please keep looking. While I would love to say that I am the guy for every taste, I am not. If you are looking for documentary style photos that do just that, document the big day, I can provide you with name of photographers that can do just that. I strive for something more romantic with my shoots, I feel that quality trumps quantity. More work is involved on my end, but I feel that the effort to produce something truly memorable is well worth it. Invest wisely, do not skimp, get what you will treasure more and more with each passing day. Do not let your biggest decision be your biggest regret.


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