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Wedding Videography

If chosen wisely, hiring a wedding Photographer and/or Videographer to capture your magical day is the ONLY investment you will make that will actually INCREASE in value after the guests have gone home. The meal and the alcohol will be flushed away, the suits and dresses will be returned. Memories will remain, for a while, but eventually begin to fade. Videos are increasing in popularity and for good reason. Having moving pictures as well as sound from the big day may not be something new, but hiring a pro to capture and edit into a one of a kind reel is. Highlight reels come in various lengths from three minutes and up. While three minutes may not sound like a lot, three minutes can grab a good chunk of the highlights and, with the right editor, bring those memories thrusting back to the forefront. Videos truly are the best investment to lock in the memories and even put those who are unable to attend right in the front row.


Experience the magic all over again.

Alberta wedding at the beautiful Woodland + Wildflowers wedding venue